Our Services

Reiki services offered through Reiki with Cary are as follows:

Reiki Sessions
Both full body and distant healing. Reiki is offered in both traditional Usui and Karuna ™ and Shamanic Reiki
Reiki Classes
Reiki classes are offered through Reiki with Cary.
Both Usui and Karuna ™ classes. Reiki I – II – III or art ( advanced reiki training) and master teacher.
Karuna ™ I – II and master teacher
Healing Attunements
Healing attunements are offered for those in need of clearing and removing obstacles in their life situation, be it personal or professional.
Intuitive Advisor
Intuitive adviser rainbow channeling, oracle card readings. Gain insight regarding both personal and professional relationships. Find out if that career change is the right choice for you. Having trouble working things out with that special someone? Is health an issue for you? Let’s find out what the best solutions are for you through intuitive advising offered by Reiki with Cary. Angels are here to assist us in our everyday lives. Rainbow Channeling is a technique which allows us to converse with the angels around us. Receive divine messages with Rainbow Channeling. Oracle card readings give you another avenue towards receiving messages from the angels and spirit guides around you.
House Clearings
House clearings are available through Reiki with Cary. Are you moving, or have you moved into a new space recently? Do you feel the need for a freshening or lightening of your home space? I can clear and restore a peaceful balance to your home.
Medium Communication
Reiki with Cary offers medium communication. As a medium and psychic, I can not only translate for you what your loved ones who have crossed over want you to know, but you can also get those answers to any questions that you may have to ask. Would it make a difference to you if you knew what steps your loved one wanted you to take regarding their final days on this earth? Would it make a difference if you knew how they felt both physically and emotionally during their transitional journey to the other side? With this service, I can assist those loved ones of ours who have begun transition, and also those of us who will remain, to bring about the best crossing for all concerned.
End Of Life Doula
As a Doula to the Dying, Cary will work as a liaison between the Patient, their Loved Ones and the Medical Staff in order to facilitate the most comfortable and rewarding journey to the other side.
Animal Communication
Reiki with Cary and animal communication Have you ever wondered what your animal companions may be thinking? If you have, Reiki with Cary can help you to find out just what your critter is trying to tell you! As an animal communicator, I can hear what your pet is saying. Yes, I can translate for you exactly what your pet is saying. Is your loving companion doing something that you don’t understand? Or, is your animal friend acting in a way that is out of character? I can bridge the communication between the two of you and fill you in on your pet’s feelings and thoughts. I can also make your wishes known to your animal friend. Has your pet gone missing? Reiki with Cary offers assistance in locating your wayward pal! If your beloved companion/family member is in transition, or has crossed over, translations available so that fears can be alleviated. The bond between people and their animals is very strong and healthy communication is essential, so, whether you are experiencing difficulty with your pet, or if you are just plain curious to find out what your critter is thinking, Reiki with Cary can help!
Reiki with Cary also offers full body Reiki sessions as well as distant healing sessions for your animal companions. All creatures are welcome- no matter how tiny, or big.
Online Services
Online services include Distant Reiki sessions, Reiki Attunements and the following classes ; Reiki l through Master/Teacher, Intuitive Guidance, Opening to your Psychic abilities.
For a full list of service fees, or to inquire about a particular service, simply fill out the contact form on this page with your specific needs.

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